• Modernize your Policyholder Engagement with PEMS

    Our unique offering, PEMS (Policyholder Engagement Management System) provides insurance carriers with the opportunity to improve control over policyholder communications, mitigate regulatory risk, gain operational efficiency, increase effectiveness of the policyholder experience and control costs.

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  • Mission Statement

    “We help companies improve organizational collaboration and communication to facilitate growth, transform their business, and build stronger customer relationships.”

    -Kevin B. O’Brien CEO and Founder

  • Form Management Made Easy

    Give business analysts the ability to quickly create well-designed forms based on built-in templates. Click and drag variable fields from an integrated data dictionary and eliminate costly programming.

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  • Reduced Operational Expense

    Using workflow engines, form templates and electronic distribution, you can make your information available online for collaboration, which will greatly reduce the operational expense. Online collaboration in real time can save you and your customers time and money.

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  • Optimize Customer Communications

    Gain complete control of communications within your process network. You no longer have to rely on the availability of IT resources, resulting in increased utilization of your time and resources.

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  • Rapid ROI

    Implementing and managing workflow automation can significantly reduce your monthly operational expense and give you higher employee productivity, faster turn-around and an improved level of customer service.

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  • Moving from paper to digital

    Manage and maintain your information online, reducing or in some cases eliminating the need to create and manage paper. Go digital and realize the business benefits.

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  • Controlled Capital Expense

    OBRIEN has helped successful organizations consolidate their form management, speed up form design, reduce costs, enhance quality and increase their competitive advantage.

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  • Streamline Business Processes

    End-to-end real-time form/document composition, distribution, publishing, including variable design, data mapping, content integration, multiple output formats, workflow and controlled editing of interactive forms and documents.

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Collaborate internally across departments to assemble documents and deliver to customers in their preferred method... mobile, web, paper and more.

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Streamline the delivery of bills, invoices and statements and accelerate the collection of ACH and Credit Card transactions.

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What we do...

Reduce cost, improve business process and increase revenue. We enable our clients to transform and perform through technology. Today businesses are expected to deliver easy-to-use applications and implement solutions to solve complex business problems.

In this new reality, the IT-to-business transformation can align costs, drive business value, rationalize and standardize both the business and IT where required to accomplish global business goals.

OBRIEN delivers on its commitments. We measure our performance by our clients’ success, and we partner with our clients to help them achieve their business goals on time and on budget.