“We help companies improve organizational collaboration and communication to facilitate growth, transform their business, and build stronger customer relationships.”

Kevin B. O’Brien CEO and Founder

A History of Innovation and Growth

Founded in 1974, OBRIEN is an acknowledged expert in innovative end-to-end solutions and services. OBRIEN provides their clients with a competitive advantage through reduction in operating costs and improved time to market for mission-critical output. OBRIEN has a proven track record in ensuring clients achieve superior value in the digital economy by delivering customized strategies, solutions and services through superior execution on a sustained and timely basis with a quick ROI. By utilizing a unique combination of people, strategies and technologies we improve the way you do business, and we provide you an additional resource - a skilled team of talented individuals with a company-wide commitment to your success.

By creating unique strategic alignment with our product & technology partner SolvEdge we strengthen our business solution. SolvEdge provides enterprise software products to improve business processes across industry specific standards.  Together with SolvEdge’s flagship product Digital-CCP we transform our clients to automate and improve workflows and thereby drive efficiencies. 

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