Collaboration & Communication Platform

Businesses leaders everywhere are challenged with the task of growing the business, improving time to market, improving customer experience, and reducing risk exposure.  Leaders are expected to accomplish all of this while keeping overall cost in check.

Myriads of systems, databases, departments, untamed business processes and multiple communication channels can cause headaches on many levels slowing down the businesses ability to grow.

Bringing people, systems and data together can be a major undertaking, especially when IT departments are stretched with initiatives, releases and projects that don’t allow for the luxury of proactive strategic planning.

SolvEdge Digital-CCP is a Collaboration and Communication Platform that brings people and process together to achieve goals and objectives, allowing the business to grow faster and more profitably while reducing exposure to risk.

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Digital-CCP Video

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Form Management Made Easy
    The ability to quickly create well-designed forms based on built-in templates.
  • Reduced Operational Expense
    With the workflow engine, forms and electronic distribution, you can make your information available online for collaboration, which will greatly reduce the operational expense of printing, meeting to discuss changes and reviewing further changes. Online collaboration in real time can save you and your customers time and money.
  • Optimize Customer Communications
    You are in complete control of the communications within your process network. You no longer have to rely on the availability of IT resources, resulting in increased utilization of your time and resources.
  • Rapid ROI
    Implementing and managing our best-of-breed platform with workflow automation can significantly reduce your monthly operational expense and give you higher employee productivity, faster turn-around and an improved level of customer service.
  • Moving from paper to green
    Manage and maintain your information online, reducing or in some cases eliminating the need to create and change paper copy. You can quickly enter the Go Green movement at the very outset.
  • Controlled Capital Expense
    Digital–CCP suite has helped successful organizations consolidate their form management, speed up form design, reduce costs, enhance quality and increase their competitive advantage.
  • Streamline Business Processes
    Digital-CCP provides end-to-end real-time form/document composition, distribution, publishing, including variable design, data mapping, content integration, multiple output formats, workflow and controlled editing of interactive forms and documents.