Education Solutions

Bring Benefits & Flexibility while Reducing your Cost & Risk

Managing the communication life cycle in higher education can be a huge challenge. From the recruitment of new students to the management of Alumni communications and everything in between, each stage of the student lifecycle presents a unique opportunity to provide valuable timely information that can strengthen the relationship.

Information trapped in core systems makes it difficult to quickly and easily design, edit and communicate across multiple mediums such as mobile devices, web, email, print and more. Collecting data remotely and getting information into core systems can also be a challenge often resulting in the use of inefficient and expensive paper processes.

We transform the way information is exchanged between the university, students, parents, and alumni without disrupting core systems, streamlining communications and financial transactions via multiple channels while making communications more relevant.

We help you streamline data collection by utilizing mobile technology to significantly reduce cost and expedite data collection and distribution. Real-time dashboards provide leadership insight across the organization allowing for better planning and decision-making.

We provide our clients the following benefits:

  • Cost Savings
  • ROI
  • Improved Quality
  • Enhanced Capacity for Innovation