Aligning people, process and technology to support marketing activities and improve marketing effectiveness is challenging. Aggregating and organizing content and data across disparate systems spread throughout the organization is often difficult and takes knowledge and expertise from multiple departments. Planning, budgeting and measuring are critical components to assure marketing dollars are being used effectively but can be difficult to track.

Digital-CCP is a fully integrated marketing automation platform that allows marketers to easily develop and deliver customized templates with reduced IT support, regardless of the degree of customization or complexity. Supporting audited workflow approvals, online proofing and multi-channel distribution the platform allows team members to collaborate efficiently and communicate with customers more relevantly. Digital-CCP can create a wide range of personalized communications including high-value relationship statements, personalized marketing collateral, personalized direct mail, personalized correspondence, customized statements and much more. Built in business insights and dashboards provide real-time information for Management, Customer Service and other team members allowing for better overall decision making.

Digital-CCP easily integrates with enterprise, CRM and other systems to leverage information across the organization. Marketers can manage variable documents, regardless of delivery channel, resulting in significant savings on maintenance and programming costs. Manage high-volume print efficiently with support for data mapping and design, which can reduce your postage, paper costs and handling charges. Digital-CCP allows you to maintain control of your content and generate your own business rules-driven messages for more relevant communication.

A single platform that allows marketers to...

  • Plan and budget
  • Create and develop programs and content
  • Collect and store content and knowledge
  • Fulfill and distribute content collateral via web, mobile, iPad and paper
  • Measure and optimize performance
  • Control the brand
  • Create templates
  • Leverage data
  • Support multi-channel distribution